Maya Koleva

Director, International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications / Head of Research and Insight, Commetric

Maya has been professionally involved in the field of media evaluation in the past ten years. Previously she used to work as journalist and editor. In Commetric she has been through analyst and project manager positions, and since a year and a half she is head of research and insight. In this position, she is also responsible for the development of research methods, products, services and process in the team. For several years now she has been closely following the uptake of tech solutions in the media evaluation industry, including natural language processing, AI and machine learning.

Since 2019 Maya is also on the international board of directors of AMEC – the Association for measurement and evaluation of communication – the global industry body which represents multiple companies from the sector. Just recently Maya defended her PhD in Sofia University. In her thesis research she applied network analysis based on media content.

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