Nikola Karamanov

AI Algorithm Engineer, Visteon

Nikola Karamanov obtained his higher education at the University of Toronto, Canada,

In 2009 he graduated with high distinction as a BSc specialist in Statistics and Mathematics.

In 2011 he obtained his MSc degree as a member of the machine learning group in the Department of Computer Science.

In 2012 he discontinued his PhD studies and began to work on some of his ideas.

During 2013-2017 he was engaged in a number of startups in the areas of facial classification, financial trading and telecommunications.

Since 2017 he has been researching and developing advanced driver assistance systems at Visteon Electronics, Bulgaria.

He has received awards for achievements in mathematics and grants for work in artificial intelligence totaling over $40000 (CAD).

In 2007 he implemented his first artificial neural network.

In the past he has had the opportunity to work with some of the pioneers and leading scientists in artificial intelligence.

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